Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is the answer~!

A lot of people wondering why I am vegetarian recently.

Well, I am telling the answer here so that you guys will have a clear picture.

During my 2 weeks block leaves, I went to Kota Kinabalu and Taiwan with Nara.

Taiwan is really a good place to visit. The people there are super friendly, polite and they are willing to put extra effort to help you if they can (at least those I met is like this).

We departed from Kota Kinabalu early in the morning to Taiwan. Reached there at about 1030am due to flight delayed. The weather there was okay on the first day. The previous week quite cold according to my friends. I get a new number in Taiwan so that I can contact the person in charge in accomodation.

The aunty that came to pick us up was really nice. She picked us up and brought us for lunch (胡须张卤肉饭). She treated us for lunch. Then she asked where we plan to go. She helped us to plan well and suggested we go to 淡水first。She will help us to bring back our luggage and she dropped us at LRT station.

First day at Taiwan was not bad coz the weather is really nice. About 20 degree celcius only. Felt like in Genting. That night we went back at 11++pm and aunty is waiting for us coz we do not have the room key yet. Pity her. Then she suggested we go to Hua Bo 花博the next day. She told us to wake up at 4am and go to queue up in the morning. And also she said we must run when we reach the place.

The second day, we took her advice. And she was RIGHT. People were running when they reach there. To get in, you must be early. There is limitation for people to enter everyday. We waited there from 4++am until 10++am only we can enter and get the ticket to enter 梦想馆. This ticket is so difficult to get, a lot of Taiwanese haven't enter the pavilion because you must queue up for it. Really 'no pain, no gain'. Well, the ticket we get to enter is 7.03pm. Almost every pavilion in Hua Bo have to queue up to enter. Hua Bo is too big till it covers few area. But no worry as there is shuttle bus service.

Here come my story. I was carrying a sling bag and I am in one of the shuttle bus to Yuan Shan station. Once I got down from the bus, I realised I have forgotten my bag. I straight away informed the person incharge there. But their services is too efficient. People get down and other people get in straight. The bus was gone. However, the staff there communicate with bus driver using walkie-talkie and they were trying to look for me. Really appreciate their help. They ask me to report it at lost and found too so that if somebody find it they will return it there. Everybody was wondering how can I lost my bag and what is inside my bag. Inside my bag, there was not much money, but I have my passport, IC, Nara's passport, my I-phone and also Nokia Express Music. Sincerely at that time I think somebody will find my bag and return it since people in Taiwan are so friendly. Therefore I am very calm, I didnt cry and panic.

The police at Lost and Found in Hua Bo was very nice too. He asked me what is my number so that he can call my phone and see whether there is somebody pick up. But, I did not roam my Malaysia number and i couldnt remember my Taiwan number. Erm. Then I remembered I have aunty's phone number inside my email. I used their computer to logged in to my email. Finally I contacted aunty and told her to look for my number coz i contacted her last night about 11pm. I told her what happen and she is very worried for me. At the same time, we contacted customer service and see whether they can reveal my Taiwan number or not. The lady officer asked me to provide my passport number. OMG, how can I remember. Nara logged in to internet and look for it. After we get the passport number and go through a long conversation with her, she said she can't reveal the information unless I can give her my Malaysia IC. WTH. But as a professional customer officer I understand she is doing her job. At this time, aunty called and said she managed to find a number that call her last night. But not sure whether is the correct one. Then the police officer confirmed with the customer service lady that is the number.

Okay finally we had the number. Aunty told us she called several times but nobody pick up. We tried too. Nobody pick up. They said then nobody found it. I am thinking it cant be coz I just put it beside the seat and it is very obvious to realise the existence. The stuff at the bus stop told me they had look for me but didnt find it. I was thinking if somebody take it then they will switch off the phone. But they didn't. But cannot be nobody realise too. I am confuse.

After that aunty ask me where am I, I told her and she said : Okay, I know already. Then she hang up. The police officer ask us to walk around first. We walked around and then heard my name through the PA system. We walked to Lost and Found, and then I saw aunty was there. She came for me. Felf so touched. T.T

She talked to the police officer and try to help me. After that she asked me whether I still have the ticket to enter Dream Pavilion or not. I said the ticket was inside the bag and now it was gone. She straight away ask the stuff there whether can get another 2 tickets or us ot not because she said we already here since morning. Queue up for so long and now the ticket was gone, effort gone. We must at least go to have a look. Then the staff at lost and found said they can't do anything. After that, aunty ask them to call the operator at Dream Pavilion, she wanted to talk to them. She explained that we come from very far, put so much effort to enter Dream Pavilion, how also they must give us 2 ticket to get in. After that, she managed to get us 2 tickets. So nice of her. But can't deny she really has her own way when do all this kind of stuff. It was really my pleasure to meet her.

The police officer asked us to go home first as we can't do anything except for waiting now. Aunty go home and we continue at Hua Bo. Aunty said must go to Xing Tian Gong 行天宫to pray, she said very 灵.

Luckily the camera is with Nara. Lol. The weather changes that day. At night it was so cold and Nara didnt brought his jacket when went out. Poor thing. Aunty ask to go home to take first but he said is okay. 7.03pm and we entered Dream Pavilion. It was so COOL and that time I only know why aunty insisted we must go to have a look. High technology and a lot of effort put!

By the time we went home already about 11++ at night. We did not have the room key as the key WAS inside my bag. OMG. We are unable to enter aunty place and we did not write down aunty's number. OMG again. Luckily there was a girl came out then we only managed to go in. In the lift, we met 3 person. 2 Malaysian girls from Kedah and another handsome guy that stayed on the same floor. We ask their help to call aunty. So shy. Dunno each other but ended up trouble people. We called aunty and she was sleeping that time. So so so shy again. Sorry aunty to disturb your sleep. She looked extremly tired as she said she just slept for few hours the day before. Poor thing. Haihz. We told 3 of them what happened and they was so surprised and shocked. This is how we met each other. Erm. This is fate i guess. That night Nara keep teasing me that I went to Taiwan illegally as I do not have any identity there. At least he has his IC with him, but me, nothing. So bad. But I have a very strong believe somebody will find my bag and return it to me. That night, we still can get through the number but still nobody pick up. I prayed silently. I prayed that if I managed to find back my bag, *I will be vegetarian for a month*.

The next day, aunty told me the police officer in Lost and Found called yesterday. He told her nobody find the bag, so it will be better that we lodge a police report. Then the next day we have to go to Malaysia Embassy there to report and redo passport. So shuei as they are having Cheng Beng Holiday for 4 days in a roll. So I can only wait for the next day to do my passport. And the next day I actually plan to go to Alishan. I have paid deposit of RM440 somemore. All the plan will be gone. Sad case. Aunty asked me to get ready and she will bring me to police station later. I was talking to the 2 sisters from Kedah after that. After a while, aunty came back, smile and put my head around her shoulder. Then i told aunty, I know I am illegal here. Haha. Aunty smile and then she said police from a police station called and said they FOUND my bag. I was like OMG, really????!! Aunty said Yes! She said yesterday she prayed for me somemore.

After get ready, she drove us to the police station near Hua Bo. The police officer asked me few question and filled up a form then I can take back my bag already. EVERYTHING were inside. NOTHING missing. I was so lucky!!! I love Taiwan and the people there. I am very sure if this happen in Malaysia, almost zero chances I can get back my bag. The police officer said the bus driver sent the bag to them early in the morning. Too bad the bus driver never gave them his details. If not I could have contacted him.

Hoooray!! My Alishan plan still continue. And I will keep my promise to become vegetarian for a month when I go back to Malaysia. Food in Taiwan is too hard to resist. Haha..^^ Aunty brought us to eat Oster Mi Sua after that. It tasted so good, better than 阿宗面线. Aunty paid for us again. Ish. After that we went to Wu Fen Pu, we dated aunty for dinner. She brought us to 五角板餐厅. A very nice and unique restaurant. This is the first day we had our proper meal in Taiwan. This time we finally treated her a meal. She felt so happy.She was cute, a very nice and talkative aunty. Love her lots!!

The next day we went to Alishan for 2 days, spent a night in Feng Jia and then went back to Taipei again. We stayed there with aunty for 5 nights. She is damn nice. She helped us to gather some people so that we can rent a taxi and went to visit places together. She planned for us for 12 hours trip which is really worth it.

So hard to leave Taiwan. So nice to meet aunty and some other friends. I have no chance to go to Xing Tian Gong to 拜拜。I told myself I must visit Taiwan again and also visit Xing Tian Gong.

I love Taiwan because of their friendly citizens, foods, system and technology. If Malaysia have those systems, a lot of things will definitely improve

Well, this is my unbelievable and incredible experience. I will never forget this and I learn my priceless lesson too!

Friday, December 31, 2010

My Last Post

Well, it come to the end of the year 2010. This will be my last post for year 2010.

What have you done for year 2010? Me? Summary as below.

1. I move in to a new place near office and staying with my bf. *my 3rd house after cyberjaya*
2. I lost my beloved grandmother on 18th January 2010. *A big lost and regret in my life that i will never forget*
3. First year I never celebrate Chinese New Year. *after 23 years of happy CNY*
4. I work in the same company for more than 1 year. *about 1 and a half year to be exact*
5. I get closer with some of my colleagues and we spent time together in the clubs. LOL. *our second home, this is the year I club a lot*
6. I take initiative to know more people and not just stay at the corner to observe people. *a big step for me because I am a shy person at first*
7. I had my 24th birthday. *and I start to feel that I am OLD*

I want to thanks all my friends, family, colleagues, my love one for being supportive to me when i am down. For being there with me, bear my bad temper, bear my nonsenseness and 38ness. Haha.. Even though I know you guys will still love me a lot. I will be a better person in year 2011 and be kind to all of you. *better pray first* *winks*

Okay. So now I have to welcome year 2011.

Erm. Year 2011, I hope you will treat me nice like year 2010, give me more good luck and pamper me please.

My 2011 year's resolution as below:

1. I NEED to LOSE WEIGHT. *I want FIT and not FAT, gained so much weight in year 2010 T.T*
2. I need to have my own goal for life. I can't just spend my time doing nothing and repeat the same thing, erm what i can say is routine? I don't like routine and I get bored easily. *should I take MBA? Should I quit my job? I have to think and make decision which is hard for me*
3. I need to improve my English, want to learn more about Thai. *This is a must!!!*
4. I want to travel around the world.
5. I want to earn more money. *Lots and lots of money*
6. I want to be independent.
7. I want to learn how to drive. *LOL*
The most important thing is I want to be lucky all the time &
I want everybody to have a good life, stay healthy and be happy.

Year 2011. I can't wait to welcome you to my life. ^^

Friday, December 17, 2010

I am an i-user now~

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!

Finally I get it.

After so long. Went to look for it and barking at naRa few times. *he claimed* LOL

Thanks, naRa. *muacks*

I get my late birthday present ^^.....yippie~~!!!

Bye bye my hair~

side view
i am a boy~ ^^

after haircut!

before i cut my hair
I cut my hair again.
Oh. Yes. AGAIN.

Why? Erm. Suddenly feel like cutting den I dragged naRa along to cut it.

I gave the guy i trusted authority to cut whatever style he wanted to cut and think is nice.

Well. Taa Daa...

I look so much like a boy now~ ^^
LOL. 1st day i prefer my previous hair but second day when i woke up and look into the mirror. I started to love my new hair. =p

To me, hair will grow long. So must cut it and try new style always. ^^
Any comment? i will accept..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My 24th birthday~!

My 24th birthday. Erm. I am getting older again. Yes. Again. Next year will be 25 years old. OMG! 25???!!! 25 is a scary number. When a woman reach 25 years old, they will become old very fast. Yes. Very fast. I don't want that. T.T
This year, I had a wonderful and meaningful birthday. ^^ Well, those photos should be seen from the bottom to the top. LOL.
naRa asked me where I wanted to go. We planned to go to Pangkor at first. Who knows when his schedule out, he has only 2 days off. Aiks. Plan gone. =.=!!!
Ended up on the 1st Dec, naRa drove to Port Dickson. We spent 2 days 1 night there. Just a simple plan but I had fun! I felt so much in a holiday mood. I had apply annual leaves from 29th Nov to 5th Dec. Haha. Long holidays and do not have to answer calls anymore for these few days. Felt so relax. Had fun on the beach.
On the 2nd Dec after check out, he drove to Tanjung Tuan. The place where we knew each other since 2004. We knew each other from National Service. Haha. I still remember how we knew each other. It started when he pushed me in the water when i was playing tarzan swing. Lol. Bad person. =) A lot of memories came back. Time flies. So fast 6 years already.
After that,we drove back to Malacca. We went to A Famosa Safari. It was so fun. I love to see animals. Dunno why. Haha. They were so cute and fun to watch! I went to Singapore night Safari in August last time when i visited Sg with my elder sister. Sg's Safari is awesome and have more animals. However, Melaka's Safari give me the opportunity to get closer to those animals. LOVE it!!
First time ride elephant. The skin is seriously thick. The hairs too.
Our National Service area. Miss those moments with all of them. Lisa, Peipei, Yi Tong, Ai Kim, Pei Kee, Li Ing, Siew Fern, Soo Kee, Hui Lin, Winnie, Xavier, Wen Rui, Hsiang Ping etc. *hugs*

This was taken at the beach that we used to do lots of activities. *miss it so much*

Dinner at PD. I finished this crab myself. Crab with salted egg. *Yummy*
This was taken at the Port Dickson's beach.

Love this photo lots. *Konica*

Oh ya, i went home after that Had a good n relax time at home. Went shopping with elder sister. One day spent few hundreds. I am the champion. LOL.

All in all, I had the most memorable birthday this year. With my LOVE and my family. ^^

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to myself~

Well, this year birthday is a bit different.
Basically I spent the time myself alone at 0000am. But, luckily I have somebody to make me smile. ^^
At 1st, felt so lonely because naRa was working and only will back after 12am. But, I have you all that spend time with me on Facebook, Msn, phone. Thanks all my babies and dearies. Lobe you all. *hugs* You all are the best~
Helmy, chatting with me since 11pm till 12am. Buddy, you are so nice man!
Henry, you are too early but I appreciate it so much. Phone msg, Facebook chatting, Facebook msg and all. But dont forget my flowers k. Hehe.
Kepei, thanks for the call. Love it. Must catch up with you soon. Sorry if i missed out a lot of things k. Take Care. *hugs*muacks*
Hmmp. Nara came back at 1 smthg with my favourite tom yam. Yummy. Gonna gain weight for supper. I still havent decide whether iphone4 or camera. He said is a must to have iphone4. Erm. I know it is a good phone. But i scare i will never use the application much. Felt like not worth it to have an expensive phone. Give me more time to think about it k. ^^
Slept at 4am and woke up at 8am. Replying facebook wishes. Thanks all my friends for your wishes. Appreciate it so much. *muacks*
Went to the gym after that. I admit I am not the one taking initiative to go. But i cant say is a force. LOL..He just wanted me to stay healthy. ^^
OK. It's time to go to shower and get ready to my next journey~ Gonna enjoy my AL to the max.
C ya, peeps...